On February 22, 2017, the Eleventh Circuit held oral arguments in the matter of United States ex rel. Marsteller v. Tilton, a case in which plaintiffs are seeking to revive a case dismissed on a Motion to Dismiss from the Northern District of Alabama. The complaint alleges that defendants engaged in a longstanding practice of bribing Army officials with promises of lucrative jobs after retirement as well as trips in private planes and other benefits. Defendants below successfully argued that the bribes were not “material” to the Army’s decision to contract with defendants.

Bracker & Marcus partner, Julie Bracker, was quoted in the Bloomberg Law report regarding this matter. ‘‘The very idea that pervasive corruption is not material to whether the U.S. would pay for contracts is a sad statement indeed,’’ said Bracker. ‘‘And Marsteller alleges corruption that is both pervasive and corrosive’’ to the government’s treasury.

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