Whistleblower Clients

“Bracker and Marcus LLC made me feel safe when the world was closing in around me. Their expertise in the industry, devotion towards their clients and pride in what they do, make them 5 stars all the way around.”

“I met Julie & Jason the day after being asked to tender my resignation at a job I loved. From that first meeting until the final settlement three years later, their professionalism, competency, & work ethic was exemplary. I know I could not have had better counsel. They truly represent the best in their profession.”

“I started down this path because my patients wanted to be heard and needed a voice. Alone I was not much help, but with support from Jason and Julie, we made those voices heard.”

“Jason and Julie handled a federal Medicaid fraud case for me and then a retaliation case. They were nothing but helpful and informative all through the process. Jason would keep me updated on any progress in the case and answered countless questions that I had with patience and calm. Though I hope I never have need of their services again I am so grateful they were there when I needed help.”

“Bracker & Marcus do an excellent job of using their experience and knowledge to listen to their clients and truly evaluate all aspects of the case to present a straightforward opinion on the issue being brought forward. They also have an obvious personal interest in justice being served even when there may not be a finding that would result in a financial settlement, which is impressive in this field.”

“Perhaps once or twice in a lifetime, you have the privilege of meeting and working with the consummate professional. Julie Bracker is such an individual. I encountered her while looking for excellent qui tam legal representation regarding what I considered to be a multi-hundred million dollar case of medicare fraud, with many complex components. I worked as a senior executive (M.D., Ph.D.) at a large and highly ranked health care system. Julie was working at another law firm at the time, but took control over my case. She listened carefully, helped me to organize tens of thousands of pages of documents, took me on as a client through Bracker and Marcus, and guided me through a many year grueling ordeal. She was very smart, quickly grasped the myriad details of my case, was well organized, and worked amazingly well with the DOJ and several other attorneys, and played THE leadership role. She helped to keep me going forward when I was discouraged with endless delays, kept me well informed, and was masterful in writing and handling the legal complications. In the end, Julie Bracker and her colleagues presented a winning strategy and case, the DOJ prosecuted the case, and the hospital system involved was fined a sizable amount. I gathered data for a few years, and Julie Bracker worked diligently on my case for 8 years, never faltering or giving an inch. She is a wonderful person who has helped me more than I can ever say, and has helped to make an otherwise dreadful situation, encountering egregious fraud and realizing that you MUST try to bring it forward to the DOJ, and helped to transform our lives for the better with a surprisingly positive outcome. Attorneys don’t come any better than Julie.”

“I contacted Mr. Marcus regarding potential representation and was very impressed with his responsiveness, patience, and mastery of his practice area. I am certain that Mr. Marcus has many demands on his time, but I always felt like my case was a priority for him. I am grateful for the time and effort that he put into my case.”

“As a Doctor, I have worked with a number of attorneys on various matters. I consider myself to have been quite fortunate to have been recommended to Julie Bracker. Her first concern was giving me an unbiased, objective evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of my case to ensure that I was saving time and money. Once we made the decision to proceed with my case, she demonstrated diligence and expertise in her specialty and she was certain to communicate with me frequently regarding any details she required while keeping me abreast of any and all developments in our case. I am proud to not only call Julie my attorney, but my friend as well. In a profession where individuals can be cut and dry, she walked the line between showing care and compassion while being honest and keeping me focused on the big picture of our case. There are attorneys out there who will shoot first and ask questions after the fact without regard to their client’s budget. Julie not only discussed the details of my case with me prior to our decision to proceed, she provided me with laws and precedents in terms I could understand. I would recommend Julie Bracker to anyone who is searching for a tenacious attorney who will advocate for him or her until the case has concluded.”

“I hired Ms. Bracker in June 2013 to represent me in a “HUBZONE FRAUD” Whistleblower case, which is very different then the normal Whistleblower case against a former employer or healthcare fraud. Ms. Bracker was quick to evaluate my case and present it to the Federal Government in a convincing practice, that encouraged the Federal Government to intervene within a few months. Most Whistleblower Cases can take many years to be considered by the government. Thanks to the dedication and expertise of Ms. Bracker, this extraordinary Whistleblower Case was settled in less then two years. I admit that I first had concern with Ms. Bracker being in Georgia, I was in South Carolina and our case was filed in Florida, but this proved to be no obstacle in getting a quick settlement to this already unusual case and a 17% Whistleblower recovery reward for me reporting the fraud.”

“I met Jason at the end of 2013. In all of this time [through December 2017], Jason has often gone above and beyond listening to and answering my questions, explaining process and expectations and soothing my often indignant feathers. His professionalism and knowledge of his field are outshone only by his personality which while always professional is personable and approachable. I wish Jason and his partner the best in the years to come and will gladly and honestly recommend him if the opportunity presents itself.”

“I recently hired Jason to represent me in a Medicaid fraud case. He was knowledgeable of the industry. He acted as though he cared about me. He took the time to explain every detail of our agreement.”

“After speaking with 4 other attorneys… I stopped my search when I spoke with Ms. Bracker. Her knowledgeable, patient and thorough approach is what you hope for when seeking legal counsel. I felt understood and that she was on my side. Being an individual going up against a company backed with corporate lawyers wasn’t something I intentionally set out to do. Ms. Bracker helped me to see my potential leverage points and identify non-monetary, as well as traditional items of negotiation. Beyond extensive expertise in her field, Ms. Bracker provides a sincere opinion. I was able to make a well-informed decision thanks to her guidance.”

“If I ever come across anyone I know who is in a situation pertaining to the area of law he practices, I will immediately send them to Jason. This guy, this firm, is the real deal. They care about you. They don’t just care about the money. I am so grateful I found him.”

“At the time I hired Julie Bracker to represent me I was fighting against corporate attorneys with endless monetary backing. I felt victimized and vulnerable. Julie immediately put me at ease with her relaxed demeanor that makes her easy to talk to and allows you to feel heard. She is extremely knowledgeable, strong, and diligent. Together we were able to identify leverage points and for the first time in the process I felt empowered and protected. Julie guided me through the negotiation process, advised me appropriately, and led the matter to a successful conclusion. I would recommend Julie without reservation.”

“Jason took the time to follow up with me on a couple of matters after he left the firm I had hired. It meant a lot to me that he made time to respond when, technically, he could have ignored my request. I believe he truly cared and the amount of time it took him to send an email made a big difference in all that I had to deal with. He spoke respectfully to me and gave very good explanations, never over using legal jargon. Jason has heart.”


“I wholeheartedly endorse Jason Marcus! He is one of the most professional and skilled lawyers I’ve had the privilege to work with. He is a powerful advocate, and is constantly developing new and unique ways of approaching problems to ensure maximum results for his clients. In addition to being a zealous advocate, Jason is a consummate professional, and is unafraid to speak up when he sees that another lawyer may be straying out of bounds. Therefore, he is well respected in the legal community. As a lawyer who has practiced for 10 years, I would be very proud to have Jason represent me!”

“I have worked with Julie over a number of years and have always been extremely impressed with her.”

“Jason is a specialist in a legal field that demands specialization. He is successful representing his clients because of his unique work ethic, intellect, and determination.”

“Julie is one of the people I routinely turn to when I have questions in this area. Her commitment to her clients and the time it takes for these cases is unparalleled.”

“Jason is an intelligent, dedicated professional who works hard for his clients. Jason specializes in complex, high-stakes litigation. I enthusiastically endorse this attorney.”

“I have worked with Julie over a number of years and have always been extremely impressed with her.”

“Jason has a sharp legal mind and works hard – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him for complex litigation matters, particularly the qui tam / whistleblower suits he specializes in.”

“Julie is unparalleled. I can’t say enough good things.”

“I’ve seen Jason’s detail-oriented relentlessness get fantastic results for his clients. He has been thoroughly prepared and fully armed in every matter I’ve ever seen him handle. I’d refer a case to him without hesitation.”

“Julie is an outstanding lawyer especially in the field of qui tam cases. She is ethical, conscientious, and a credit to the profession.”

“I have consulted with Jason Marcus on various Whistleblower/Qui Tam issues and have the utmost confidence in him as an attorney who will exceed expectations.”

“I fully endorse Jason Marcus. I have consulted with him on various whistleblower/qui tam/false claims act issues and have the utmost confidence in him as an attorney who will exceed expectations.”

“Jason is a smart and hard-working lawyer who gets great results for his clients. He’s one of the few lawyers in Georgia who specializes in whistleblower and False Claims Act cases and I wouldn’t hesitate to refer a client to him.”

“I endorse Jason Marcus. He is an experienced litigator who specializes in qui tam/ whistleblower issues. He is the smartest guy in the room and has had great success in his practice. He is the first name I give anyone who has a case in this area.”