The Fourth of July is a particularly meaningful holiday for the lawyers at Bracker & Marcus. The existence of our firm and the premise of our legal practice is protecting the federal fisc, recovering money stolen by “the bad guys” and returning it to the taxpayers where it belongs. We work closely with the federal government, and so naturally, we want to celebrate the creation of that very same government.

But even more than that, this country was founded by troublemakers and rabble-rousers who fought against tyranny and injustice and theft from the American citizens. Men and women who refused to stay silent in the face of overwhelming pressure to stay in line. The demonstrators who boarded the ships of the British East India Company and tossed the entire shipment of tea into the Boston Harbor were the whistleblowers of the 18th Century.

When they saw the British monarchy essentially picking their pockets, they stood up and did something about it.

Independence Day is a celebration of our great country and the great men and women who founded it. I have no doubt that the patriots of 250 years ago would be proud and supportive of our clients, the modern-day whistleblowers, for the courageous acts that they have undertaken on behalf of their country.

The United States would not be the great country that it is without the valor of those who were willing to rock the boat. So today, we honor those heroic men and women of the past who built our country, but every day we honor, and are honored to represent, those brave men and women of the present who continue to keep our country strong.

Happy Independence Day!