IRS Whistleblowers Were Paid More than $120 Million

The IRS recently issued its annual report for Fiscal Year 2019 Whistleblower Awards, disclosing that made 181 awards totaling more than $120 million, with total recoveries of over $616 million. This actually represented a decrease in the total number of awards from 217 in 2018 to 181 in 2019.

Substantial changes were made to the IRS whistleblower program in 2019, including a mandate from Congress that it now disclose to whistleblowers whether the IRS referred the information for audit or examination; whether a payment of tax was made with respect to an issue raised by the whistleblower; and upon written request, provide information on the status and stage of any investigation or action related to such information, and in the case of a determination of the amount of any award under section 7623(b), the reason for such determination.

Successful IRS whistleblower cases take on average 8 years to investigate and resolve. Although awards to relators are few, they can be considerable. Moreover, unlike other qui tam statutes, the IRS whistleblower statute may allow you to remain anonymous.

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