The Department of Justice has reported its False Claims Act numbers for 2016, and has announced that over its 8-year term, former President Obama’s administration recovered more than $31.3 billion from companies that defrauded the government, more than the amount collected under the prior three administrations combined. This includes $4.7 billion in recoveries in FY 2016.

This amount largely comes from FCA settlements with health care companies such as GlaxoSmithKline LLC, Johnson & Johnson, and Pfizer, Inc for marketing drugs for unapproved uses and for overbilling federal health programs, including Medicare.

There were also billions recovered in settlements with global banks charged with defrauding federal mortgage insurance programs.

There is no reason to believe things will slow down, with 702 whistleblower cases filed in 2016. And Bracker & Marcus LLC can help you become the next successful whistleblower!