Nate brings over a decade of experience litigating declined False Claims Act cases

Bracker & Marcus LLC is excited to announce the newest addition to its team: Nathan Peak!

False Claims Act Attorney Nathan M. Peak

Nathan joins us after more than a decade successfully representing whistleblowers in False Claims Act matters with the renowned Washington, D.C. plaintiff’s firm of Ashcraft & Gerel. As but one example, in 2014 he and his practice group completed a $35 million settlement of a partially intervened case against Columbus Regional Hospital System in the Middle District of Georgia. In 2015, Nate was named Partner and was promoted to lead the firm’s False Claims Act practice.

After Nate’s wife recently gave birth to their first child, Nate had a Jerry Maguire epiphany: he decided to step back from the rigorous demands of leading a big law practice group and get back to what he enjoyed most, working closely with the individual clients to pursue justice on behalf of the American taxpayers. Nathan will be immediately providing assistance in our existing cases, as well as taking lead on new cases for the firm.

Nate will be working out of his home in Washington, D.C., assisted by his faithful companion, Mr. Speckles.

Mr. Speckles

Welcome, Nate!