As we approach another Thanksgiving, our fifth since opening our doors, I cannot help but think of and be grateful for our clients. Right now, “whistleblower” is a buzz word in the media and politics after a CIA officer internally blew the whistle on alleged wrongdoing by our current administration. More than ever, people are recognizing the value of whistleblowers and the risks that whistleblowers face when trying to do the right thing.

Although there is some debate about whether government whistleblowers are good guys or bad guys, unless you are a defense attorney, there is no debate in our field: our clients are always the good guys, standing up against the bad guys. The False Claims Act is a bipartisan bill because we all agree that fraud against the government is wrong and needs to be stopped. When I tell people that I practice False Claims Act law and represent brave whistleblowers, the response is a resounding “I like that.” I am thankful this holiday to have found clients that make me so proud to represent them.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.