How do I prepare?

We will have a preparation session with you, telephonically or in person, where we will review the type of things discussed in this blog series (but specifically focused on your case). Other than that, you may want to review your complaint and disclosure statement. That’s about it – this isn’t a memory test! Just get a good night’s sleep and come in ready to respond as fully as possible.

Do I bring anything?

Nope. In your prep session, we will go over the documents you will be reviewing with the team, and I will bring a copy for your reference, but you need not bring a thing. For some that expect to go longer, for one reason or another, I may suggest you pack a snack. That’s about it.

Who will come with me?

The Relator’s Interview is one of those rare moments when a non-executive, non-celebrity gets to say “Pardon me, I want to consult with my attorney” any time that you like! We will be there with you the whole time – in fact, it would be improper for the team to talk to you without us around.

You will not be able to bring others with you – like spouses, parents, etc. – because of the federal seal. If you need to arrange a ride, let us know so we can strategize how not to leave someone stranded during an all-day interview that they are not allowed to know anything about!

What if I don’t know an answer?

This is an easy one: just say so! As we mentioned before, this is NOT a memory test. There’s no penalty for not knowing the answer – in fact, the team will respect you for not being embarrassed when you are not sure of something and overstating your knowledge.

In a similar vein, if you are not sure what the answer is, but you have a reasonable idea, just be sure that you are clear that you are speculating. This is not a situation where the team will not want to hear your ideas – just be clear that you are guessing and why you have arrived at your “best answer” and don’t imply that you are sharing facts rather than guesses. This goes a long way to making you credible to the team.

Do you have another question you would like to see answered here? Email with your ideas! When we collect enough, we will do another installment.