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We've Recovered Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Our Clients

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We've Recovered Hundreds of Millions of Dollars for Our Clients

Intervened Settlements

Dennis Jaffe, D.M.D. (N.D. Ga.)

Our relator alleged that her dentist employer submitted false claims to Medicaid for services not provided, such as by performing simple extractions and billing for complicated surgeries, billing for multiple tooth extractions when performing only one, and having a dental assistant perform procedures on days he was not in the office. Dr. Jaffe also pleaded guilty to criminal charges and surrendered his license.

Guardian Hospice (N.D. Ga.)

To be covered by Medicare, hospice services require a terminal prognosis of six months or less. This Atlanta hospice care provider paid Medicare $3 million to settle allegations that it enrolled and billed for non-terminal patients that did not qualify for hospice services, including some who received hospice services for years before being disenrolled.

Hospital Authority of Irwin County (M.D. Ga.)

The hospital employee relators alleged that the hospital and various physician contractors violated the Anti-Kickback Statute and Stark Law by engaging in unlawful compensation agreements, including both payment agreements and office leases.

Taylor Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp. and Home America Mortgage, Inc. (N.D. Ga.)

This $320 million settlement with a mortgage originator and loan processor resolved allegations that they hid or falsified data related to borrower eligibility on government-backed home loans. When thousands of these individuals inevitably defaulted on loans they could not afford, the federal government picked up the tab, resulting in hundreds of millions in payments for loans that never should have been permitted in the first place.

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